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  • Peyton Whitehead

5 Tips on How to Determine Who to Pitch Your Organization to

To the naked eye companies seem to have it all figured out, but behind the scenes they could be doing worse than they present themselves. Here are five ways to determine who your organization should pitch to:

1. Do your research Find out more about the company’s values and what they stand for as a whole. Take a look at their history, website, and style to be sure that pitching to them is beneficial to your organization. Before actually attempting to present your organization, try setting up smaller meetings to become more comfortable with the staff and setting. This will build somewhat of a comfort between you and the company. Therefore, when you’re ready to pitch your organization to the company, they will already be familiar with you.

2. Relevance Make sure the company is relevant to your organization’s primary audience. Keep in mind the company’s way of presenting themselves to their audience, and specify if that is something that your organization is willing to do. Check out the company’s impact by looking at social media interactions or their website.

3. Are They Organized? Don’t be afraid to stop by the headquarters and ask for documents, look at their schedules, or attending events by the company. All of these things will give you an insight of how organized this brand actually is. If documents can be easily accessed, plans are in place, and events run smoothly then it is more than likely safe to say the brand company is organized.

4. Advertising Pay attention to how the company advertises their services or products. If your organization solely focuses on social media/online advertising, and the company does not then do not go forward. The brand and your organization must be on one accord to be able to work with one another. Examine recent ads to give you a sense of their style and approach, so your group can determine if that’s a path they want to go down

5. Communication Last, but probably the most important is how the company communicates. The company must diligent when responding to your organization. This shows interest and value to your potential partnership. Communication is the key to advancing their brand and your organization which can not be done if one of the parties isn’t responsive.

If the company complies with all of these tips then the last determining factor is strictly based on when your organization is ready. Be sure to be organized and prepared for any counter reactions that may take place while pitching your organization. Check out our blog “Low Cost Advertising Alternatives” for more information advancing your organization’s strategy.

Do you have a few tips on pitching to new clients? Comment below to let us know.

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