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  • Cameron King

How the banning of TikTok will affect future advertising campaigns

The recent bill that was passed to ban TikTok in the United States has a large number of individuals concerned and relatively upset that it is getting banned for virtually no reason at all.

Even looking outside of the everyday consumers point of view, looking at it from a marketing standpoint makes the situation possibly even more dire. 

For instance small businesses may no longer be able to promote or get their product pushed anymore as they have gained the majority of their following on the TikTok platform and with the new ban it may possibly force them to a platform that they may have not been as fortunate to gain the same sort of following on which could lead to a dip in sales.

Also for bigger scale companies, this may lead them down the path of no longer making short form content anymore. Whereas there are still Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts, people statistically view the most amount of short form content on  TikTok. 

If one were to look at it from the other side of the fence, this means there once more leaves a little breathing room for advertisements to no longer have to fit in a 15 second time frame and worry about the viewers “attention span” when it comes to viewing their commercial. 

Lastly, this is going to ruin TikTok content creators' deals and their partnerships as if TikTok close down, they will lose their following and if they lose their following, their partnered brand no longer has any reason to work with them. 

There are many ways to look at this unfortunate exiling of the TikTok app. However it does open the possibilities for new chances and new creators to arise, along with new deals and advertisements for all to view

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