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  • Kamryn Carmody

Discover the Perfect Social Media Platform for your Content

Businesses always have new things coming to the surface. Whether it be new advancements within their company, events and collaborations, new products, or ideas they are releasing for people to enjoy, businesses have to get their information out to the public. Since social media is the most common way to spread information and reach the most people, this is the route businesses have started taking.

Even though businesses are capable of catching the most eyes by using social media applications, they still have to determine which social media platform will be the best for the specific piece of content.

Twitter and Snapchat are known for short and fast engagement that doesn’t take a lot of effort. Therefore, quick company updates, news events, or links are perfect for Twitter and Snapchat. With both of these apps, the public receives a brief understanding of the content and can decide to further investigate if they desire more information.

Facebook and Instagram are perfect for more in-depth descriptions of what the content being put out is. Since Facebook and Instagram don’t limit you to a certain amount of characters (even though you probably couldn’t write a book), businesses have more space to effectively get their message across to the reader.

LinkedIn is another great platform for releasing your businesses’ news and receiving a large flow of online traffic. LinkedIn is business and employment oriented, therefore, it is a great site for sharing news that is straight-forward but probably not the best platform for things containing humor or the commonly used emoji or meme.

Getting recognition for your business through social media platforms is a brilliant strategy because of the amount of active social media participants there are but picking the right platform for your specific piece of content is vital for the utmost success of it.

For more information on taking advantage of social media for your business visit Kyland Evans’ blog post.

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