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The Benefits of Creating Content Calendars

Organization should be a fan favorite when it comes to consistently creating content. There are countless of content ideas to brainstorm and plan out as well as figuring out which specific days to post the content. What better way to organize it thoroughly than by creating a content calendar!

In the simplest terms, content calendars are calendars that hold a set schedule of what type of content should be posted on specific days, specific times, and specific platforms. It is an ideal tactic for strategically planning out and organizing social media content in order to maintain a consistent social media presence. 

According to Social Pilot, there are several reasons why content calendars are beneficial, especially for the sake of social media marketing. It helps with organization, brainstorming, consistency, engagement, keeping you up to date, and helps you better execute your social media marketing strategy. 

Although creating content calendars can become time consuming, it helps out greatly in the long run. It does take a lot of detail and effort when it comes to organizing that much content, but thankfully there are many applications that are easy for anyone to use. 

Some of the best platforms for this are Hootsuite, HubSpot, Loomly, ContentStudio, and Sprout Social. Each of these platforms offer free templates to start out and offer even more services if you prefer to have more. 

Once again, it does take much time and dedication, but it will be well worth it. In the words of Tabitha Naylor, “Developing a content calendar to implement your content strategy will completely revolutionize your approach to online marketing.”

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