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How e.l.f. Continues to Exceed Marketing Standards: Liquid Death x e.l.f. Cosmetics

If you grew up as an emo kid like I did, e.l.f.’s new collaboration with the canned water company Liquid Death probably had you just as excited as I was. 

E.l.f. is already famous enough for their low-priced dupe items and their approach to Gen Z consumers, becoming the top beauty brand of 2022 for Gen Z. This sinisterly happy commercial just made e.l.f. even more popular.

The commercial begins with two teenage girls in their pink and girly room, adorned with black metal band posters, flipping through a metal magazine, while peppy music plays in the background. The girls’ favorite singer, Glothar, comes out of the magazine pages and gives the girls a black metal makeover with corpse paint, a makeup style that is used mainly by black metal bands, done with white face makeup and exaggerated black eyes and black mouth. The shocking plot twist at the end of the commercial is that Glothar is actually one of the girl’s dad!

The Corpse Paint collection comes in a coffin shaped box, with setting spray, black lipstick, white cream eyeshadow, a black eyeliner pen, and a blending brush for only $34. The collection immediately sold out.

“When we were approached about potentially doing a collab with Elf, we knew it was a chance to push both brands into spaces neither had been before. We knew we wanted to make a limited-edition product together and corpse paint felt like the ridiculous center of the Venn diagram between us,” said Andy Pearson, vice-president of creative at Liquid Death. 

Pearson says that the team watched a ton of 90s toy and teen beauty commercials to draw inspiration for the collaboration. The juxtaposition of the dark metal makeup with the bright and cheery girls and atmosphere is part of what makes this commercial so enjoyable. 

Comments on the ad on YouTube are all overwhelmingly positive. User @meryitis said, “We need more of this, I rewatched it 4 times, it’s so good.” 

@oakleysimmons1366: “This is the best advertising I’ve seen in my life.”

@kumakhameleon_youtube: “I cannot even begin to calculate how far they hit the ball out of the park with this ad”

“Now you can look as dark on the outside as you are on the inside!”

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