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  • Peyton Whitehead

Use The Youth: 3 Reasons to Choose Student-Run Firms

People are quick to say that young adults are the future, but are they really willing to give opportunities to prove it? Here are 3 reasons why you should choose a student-run firm.

1. Low costs Student firms are primarily focused on gaining experience and credibility rather than being paid large amounts of money. You will spend less and usually benefit from the students being so eager to get a chance to work in their selected field of work. Student-run firms usually already have access to industry standard programs and technology needed for production. There is also diversity among the students because most of them have different concentrations such as public relations, advertising, news, or design. If you’re looking to save a couple of bucks then student-run firms are the way to go.

2. Modernization

With students being young adults, it means that they are more than likely aware of the newest trends, fashion, and music which can be beneficial when advertising or making your business attractive to a younger crowd. Popular memes and gifs can be utilized to promote your business, and having younger adults on the team will make sure the content is the newest. Alongside being up-to-date, students are more likely to know about style changes such as how many companies have been recently modifying their logos from 3D designs to sleeker 2D versions.

3. Longevity

The firms are more likely to work with your business for a long period of time. As time passes, “fresh minds” will replace others.. There is no hassle with the firm having to look for people who are qualified because the best students are already selected. You also can be confident in knowing you have a reliable and loyal firm by your side due to the professional relationship being so meaningful to the students and department.

All three of these factors can be beneficial to the growth of your business. Student-run firms are generally easy to find especially around college campuses. Building relationships with these type of agencies will always keep your company fresh and relevant.

Need or want assistance from a student-run firm? Check us out on social media or comment below!

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