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  • Cody Prentiss

Five Tools in your Swiss-Army Phone

Reporters need a pen to write with, a pad to write on, and a recorder to get their story. Fortunately, your smartphone can do all these things. It can also be your scanner, navigator, network communicator and research repository. If you’re a working reporter who’s neglected your phone’s apps, you’ve overlooked an entire toolbox. Here’s just a few of the tools waiting for you.

Slack The Slack app allows organizations to communicate internally quickly and privately. Instead of missing a phone call or message during an event or ongoing situation, you can use your smartphone to keep up the demands of your editor while keeping them updated on the current situation. Conversations are archived, so you’ll always know what’s happening.

Notes After writing out several notes for a story, organization can become an issue. This is where Apple’s note taking app helps. If you have a thought that you can’t have slip away, just make a new note and it will stay on your phone forever. Best of all, they’ll be in the same place instead of towers of reporter pads.

Voice Memos Never forget voice memo recorder. While it’s not a bad idea to carry a dedicated recorder, the voice memo will always be there for the important interview that catches you by surprise.

Pocket After an extensive google research session, there are bound to be tabs you didn’t quite get to or you want to save. Look no further than Pocket. This app lets you grab any tab and store it for later. Now, you’re google excavations can remain safely dug up.

Dropbox Making sure your prized recordings, videos, or photos are safe is important. With the Dropbox app on your phone, it’s easy. All you have to do is select and tell your phone which folder you want your stuff to go and say ok. Now you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that important evidence is safely tucked away in the cloud.

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