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  • James Huff

On The Road to Change

Rebranding your company can create exponential growth or an expeditious fail, so you have to construct a plan and execute it with perfection.

1. Think About It First

Think about whether your company needs to be rebranded or not. Take Gap. They launched a new design around Christmas of 2010 without any warning. It was a bold, black font over a gradient blue square that looked fresh out of word art. Social media backlash attacked Gap for the bland design and caused the quickest rebrand turn around ever in six and went back to their original design. It cost Gap around $100 million for the rebrand boomerang stunt, so be careful about rebranding your company.

2. Find A Human Connection Over the past 15 years with Jared Fogle as Subway’s spokesperson, Subway raked in $11 billion. How did they rake in so much after rebranding their company? Simple, they picked a spokesperson who was relatable to the average citizen who wanted to lose weight. If Jared can lose 200 pounds from eating Subway sandwiches, then so can I. This resonated with so many Americans who wanted to lose weight like Jared. Another great example is Old Spice and their marketing rebranding. made you feel like an incredible human after visiting the site. Finding articles about yourself that made you laugh definitely increased support from customers and non-customers. From their intriguing commercials to their website, their internet traffic increased by 300% in 2010.

3. Do You Really Need to Rebrand?

When rebranding your company make sure you’re making the right decision and not blowing out a good tire.

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