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Social Media and Time Management

Which Reigns Superior?

You’re in the middle of a group discussion and “ding”! Everyone begins to look and feel around for their cell phone. 

Do you, by instinct, grab your phone to check out which alert you are receiving? Or are you the undistracted, let me finish what I am doing first, my phone can wait for this type of person? 

Let’s take a quick dive into the time the average person spends using social media and if social media can delay productivity. Does social media reign superior over our daily priorities?

Does Social Media Delay Productivity?

According to the Data Reportal, the average person spends over two hours a day utilizing social media. Social media includes major communication platforms that allow for people across the world to communicate and interact with one another without having to physically see each other. Whether we want to believe it, or not social media has changed the way that we communicate and has naturally become a part of our lifestyles and even sometimes taking over our priorities. 

Managing social media usage is more important than we think. The unintentional scrolling of posts and messages can cause effects on our health, both physically and mentally. Aligning social media usage with time management can assist with setting guidelines of how long we spend using social media versus completing important tasks and keep you on track of what is important.

There are many factors that we can relate to low productivity in our lives but we can’t just blame social media because it does have its benefits, such as being used to increase brand awareness of a company or to boost up employee and customer engagement. Managing time spent on social media can include:

  • Setting boundaries

  • Silencing or limiting notifications for social apps

  • Adding new habits such as reading a book

Over 60% of the world uses some form of social media, but learning how to balance our usage can be beneficial to continuing a healthier and more productive lifestyle. Productivity should reign superior. 

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