Meeman 901 Strategies is a Student-Run Strategic Communication Firm located in Memphis, Tennessee.

Founded in 2014 at the University of Memphis, the firm works with local clients within the Memphis community to enhance their image and business

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Student-Run Strategic Communication Firm in Memphis

Public Relations

We strive to expand your client base and engage your existing base by implementing a plan that fits your needs. Each client works with our team to create a uniquely tailored approach for your business. 

Student-Run Strategic Communication Firm in Memphis


We offer advertising services such as ad design and ad copy writing for social media, web, and print advertising. We can give your business or organization an advantage in advertising to college age demographics.

Student-Run Strategic Communication Firm in Memphis

Media Strategy

We can create a media strategy to fit your needs. With Hootsuite and Google Analytics certifications, we have a wide array of tools to create and manage social media campaigns.

Student-Run Strategic Communication Firm in Memphis


We listen to your needs and make proven plans to create an outstanding outcome for you. We integrate our skills to give you superior service with a disciplined, research-drive, flexible approach.

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316 Meeman Journalism Bldg.

3711 Veterans Ave.

Memphis, TN 38152


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