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  • Ainsley MacDougal

Gen Z Changed Social Media for PR

From TikTok trends to live streaming, there is no doubt that public relations has changed from its early days. PR firms are expected to keep up with the world of social media to connect with Gen Z. What will happen as some Gen Z-ers begin to work in PR?

Some Gen Z Social Media Stats:

Gen Z, the people born between the years 1997 and 2012, are by far the most active groups of people on social media.

  • 94% of Gen Z uses social media.

  • 54% of Gen Z spends 4 hours a day on social media.

  • Only 18% of U.S. adults spend that much time on social media.

Gen Z’s Effect on PR:

Now that they are reaching adulthood, Gen Z’s generational voice has become clear and PR professionals have adapted on social media to appeal to them. Brands are nervous to ignite cancel culture and they are more likely to possess an accepting attitude towards various groups and publics. Gen Z-ers call for brands to be more transparent and honest than ever before. With information at their fingertips, Gen Z is not afraid to fact check brands and call them out.

Gen Z in PR:

We are living in the age of digital media and Gen Z-ers know their way around it. Where older generations must familiarize themselves with online communication, Gen Z-ers have been using iPhones practically from the cradle.

Growing up with access to social media and the internet makes Gen Z extremely adept and ready to implement almost anything. To most Gen Z-ers, using social media in their PR career will be second nature.

However, as social media and the digital world grow, Gen Z-ers and younger professionals will have to remember not to stray too far from the backbone of PR. Building and maintaining relationships will always be the priority, no matter through what means it is done.

Will the world of PR move even more digital as Gen Z slowly graduates college, begin jobs, and move up in the field of PR? What changes can you predict?


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