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  • Michella Chambliss

#Hashtag It!

Social media is the name of the game, well this era. Increasing your visibility for your brand is actually easy, hash tag it! The pound symbol became a craze in 2007 to produce and distinguish groups online. However, it is an important digital marketing tool used worldwide to stay ahead of competition, brand awareness, and promotion.

Whether you are a new business looking for distinguishability or an up and coming social media influencer, the way you end your posts with the correct hashtags aligned with your brand can incorporate how many likes you can get. Hashtags can also increase your follower base! A social media influencer is someone who has garnered enough following and credibility in their industry to persuade their followers to purchase products or services simply by advertising the product on their platform. For example, according to tweets that include hashtags are 33% more likely to be retweeted than those without.

Tips for SUCCESSFUL hash tagging

Relevance: Make sure the hashtag is relevant to the picture or message you are trying to promote.

Simplicity: Make sure your hashtag is easy to spell and simple for followers and users to remember.

Timing: Find a way to incorporate your hashtag into a sporting event, concert or other major event.

Double Check: Double check to make sure you spelled your hashtag correctly to ensure it reaches the right audience.

So if you want to increase your follower base and engagement on social media platforms, hashtag it! Adding the pound sign with simple words that are aligned with your brand can possibly help you go from only 20 likes per post, to thousands! How do you feel about this important branding tool?

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