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  • Jeremiah Davis

Don’t Call it a Comeback: The Champion Brand


Today, we see a lot of brands making their mark in the industry of branding and fashion merchandising. Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Supreme, BAPE, and Jordan just to name a few. But one brand that was once forgotten is making a comeback and being revolutionized since 2017.

Champion is looking to make their way to the top of the industry as they come back with new and different styles, colors, apparel and more. You can check out other branding movements such as “LA Original and their interactive logo created by 72 and Funny” by Marshea Oliver.

"You didn't even have to put it on racks back then," says Manny Martinez, Champion's global brand ambassador and one of its biggest superfans. According to old letters from the company archive, he says, "stores would crack open a box and just put the box out and the people would buy it out of the box."

With them being almost 100 years old they have definitely set the mark of being one company that sticks to what they know. Being able to come back with the same original logo and not have to change anything is really impressive.

"I came into Champion 12 years ago as an intern. My whole thing was to take it from an urban phenomenon to pop culture. Because that's what I always believed the brand was. That's what it meant to me as a kid. And that was my mission." says Manny Martinez.

Honestly, I would see Champion brand and think it was not of any importance like the other brands but they have made their look way more useful and kept it in the realm of pop culture, hip-hop and urban wear. However, The “King of Fleece” look to bring more options to the fall and winter collections they have.

This is definitely one of my favorite brands because they have collaborated with others such as Supreme, A Bathing Ape (BAPE) and Undefeated making a lot of headline collections for their brand. Their marketing strategy is clever because they gear them towards people around my age, the people who dwell into nostalgia and target those who are artistic in urban wear.

They aim to grab us more because we are into the hip-hop, urban, skater look.

Every brand looks to collab with other brands. This brand is one of the brands that has been very successful with doing that. The more collaborations and partnerships with others, the better repore you have with customers and better outcome the brand has of growing. Definitely can take pointers from them if you’re looking to start a brand or have a clothing brand.

As the brand is elevating, do you think Champion would qualify of the Top 10 Urban Fashion brands of 2018?

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