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  • Arian Hill

4 Steps to Growing Your Follower Base on Social Media

It’s easy to say that you are going to expand your presence on social media to reach a larger audience, but how does one gain followers in the first place? While doing research, I came across tons of answers and I compiled a list of things that are keys to social media success and growing your follower base.

1. Find out where your audience is One of the most important factors to growing your social media follower base is finding out what social networks your audience is on. Depending on who it is you are trying to reach, you should choose your social networks accordingly.

2. Post interesting, relevant content The content you post can either make or break your social media account. You should post a variety of content to keep followers intrigued to your page. Content shouldn’t just inform your followers, but be interesting and useful to them as well. Using eye-catching visuals in your posts is a way to keep followers engaged in your page. According to HubSpot, your fans and followers are 44% more likely to engage with content on social media that contains pictures rather than a post that doesn’t.

3. Interact with your followers Interacting and communicating with your followers is important to maintaining a loyal follower base. Asking questions and engaging in meaningful conversation with your followers makes it worthwhile for your followers to even be on your page. Taking the time to respond to your followers when your brand is mentioned can make your profile more personable and desirable to follow.

4. Follow and connect with others in your industry It can be helpful to interact with other individuals and brands in your industry who have a similar target audience as you. Engaging with people who have an influence over your audience or the same audience as you can drive traffic to your social media page. Follow back some of your followers and follow their followers that could benefit from your page.

Being active and interesting on social media is important to gaining and maintaining followers. You need to make your followers want to revisit your page because it has interesting blogs, intriguing posts, and eye-catching visuals. Following these 4 easy steps can lead you on the path to social media success.

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