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  • Mimi Logan

Want to Rock Your Internship? Follow these 10 Tips

Being a college graduate usually doesn’t cut it anymore these days. Potential employers are now looking for a laundry list of skills, attributes, and experience that would make you more equipped for the job. Without an internship, the post-graduation job search because increasingly more difficult. Even now, it’s not enough to just have an internship. You have to rock your time there. Here are 10 tips that will help you do just that.

  • Pay attention to how the office operates.

Always try to follow the status quo. You do not want to stand out, unless it’s for a good thing. If current employees are always compulsively early, you should do the same. If there is a certain way you talk to customers try to imitate that to the best of your ability.

  • It’s all about trust.

Try to build trust early on. You have to prove yourself as an intern. By gaining the trust of the employees there, you can gain not only great contacts, but also great recommendations when it comes to apply for an actual job elsewhere. Care about the quality of your work, pay close attention to detail, and follow instructions. People will take notice.

  • Ask for help and feedback.

No one knows everything. As an intern, it’s your time to find out as much as you can. Ask questions to the professionals who can steer you in the right direction. Also, feedback can be helpful. Your employer can help you put an emphasis on your strengths and pinpoint your weaknesses.

  • Ask for advice.

As an intern you are surrounded by people who have already stepped out and succeeded in landing their dream job! There is nothing wrong with asking them about advice on your career plans. Maybe someone has been down the road you are planning to take and they can tell you is it a good idea, a bad idea, or offer a quicker route for you to take.

  • Know that to expect.

Don’t expect to be doing anything to glamorous! Most likely you’ll be doing tasks to make your co-workers lives a little easier. You may be stuck making copies or getting coffee. Don’t take it personal. As you build trust as mentioned above you might get the opportunity to spread your wings a little more.

  • Focus.

Don’t get distracted! Your cellphone is not your best friend at this moment, and I’m pretty sure Instagram can wait until you are off the clock. To you social media might not affect your work, but to your employers it can look entirely different.

  • Be serious.

A mistake is usually something that can be fixed, but in jobs, mistakes can often times cause a ripple effect that affects everyone. If you make a mistake, ensure you handle it immediately or let someone know of the mistake so that it can be corrected as soon as possible.

  • Take time to learn.

As an intern you will be busy. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take time to learn from your co-workers. Ask them how they got into their fields. What are the challenges? What do they like most? Asking those questions make them more likely to help you as well.

  • Dress the part.

This to me is one of the most important parts of work. You always have to dress for success. No flip-flops, visible bra straps, or worse. If you dress unprofessionally, you are showing that you don’t take your job seriously. I’m sure that’s not the impression that you want to leave.

  • Most importantly say “Thank you.”

Always stay grateful and humble. Your employer most likely interviewed dozens of people for the position you now have. Don’t be shy about showing your appreciation. Tell your employer what you are learning from this experience and thank them for giving you that opportunity.

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