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Why Sustainable Marketing is Important

Most of the world is beginning to be aware about or invested in the future of our planet, sustainability and practices to be more environmentally smart. Climate change, pollution and oil development have been and are becoming an increasing threat to our environment. This means consumers are beginning to value sustainability in their purchases.

Let’s start from the beginning. What is sustainable marketing? Hubspot states that “sustainable marketing is the promotion of socially responsible products, services, and practices.”

Creative mass media, journalism and marketing spread messages to the public quickly and proactively. Combining marketing and advocating for sustainability will reach a wide audience of companies, individuals and donors. Marketing this message will educate people about what sustainability is and why it is important.

Sustainable agencies are focused on similar but different aspects because their mission and target audience are not exactly the same. Agencies that value sustainability focus on creating a larger and lasting impact, showcasing their merit through action rather than words, and developing a trustworthy, authentic relationship with their consumers.

A few sustainable marketing agencies include Orange Bird, Ola Impact, 360 Agency Berlin, and Dandelion Branding. Their driving statements include assisting green businesses, promoting ethical brands, and bringing eco-friendly conversations to the table.

Environmental issues have been prevalent for decades. Fortunately, consumers and marketers are beginning to understand the importance of taking action to preserve our planet for the future.

How do you plan to contribute in being more sustainably mindful?

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