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Why is the PR field female dominated?

“63.9% of all public relations are women, while 36.1% are men,” according to Zippia. In the Public Relations Society of America, around 73% are women. Why is the public relations field such a female dominated industry?

PR is all about building relationships, being social and collaborating with many different people while building credibility.

Some think women have been molded to possess qualities that thrive in the public relations field: maternal instincts, empathy and strong communications skills. These characteristics make this industry a perfect fit for women and allow them to create their own unique space. However, others may believe this is an outdated concept.

At a young age, girls see Hollywood portraying women journalists in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Carrie Diaries, and Someone Great. Because of digital and technological increases, PR has become more needed and popular in the past decade, allowing women to jump on new career opportunities.

Some women begin with studying traditional journalism and branch out to public relations because of the salary benefits and creativity of the career.

Millennials and Gen Z are advocators for cultivating your own career path and enjoying the work you do. Many public relations jobs allow you to have variety in your work schedule, work from home and have flexible hours.

There are many reasons why women dominate this industry.

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