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  • Autumn Stokes

What Is Marketing?

As a college student who was in the middle of transferring from one college to another, it was quite an interesting choice to pursue Marketing as a career path! Marketing can be broken down into several definitions, types, principles, etc. Marketing plays a huge role behind the scenes and in different industries. 

Marketing effectively offers value to a brand, customers, the product, and the community. It can also be thought of as seeking value in products. Creating, promoting, and transferring value to others. There are many crucial factors when it comes to marketing such as marketing research, the 4 Ps of marketing, and the types of marketing (brand marketing, green marketing, content marketing, etc.). Marketing is such a broad term and can be applied to any industry to attract the desired target audience. 

What Is Marketing Research?

Marketing research is defining the segmentation of the desired target audience for a brand, conducting surveys, and focus groups/studies on individuals to gather research on a product/company. This section of marketing can be quite fulfilling and interesting because it deals with a lot of research from surveys, conducting focus groups, and a series of analyses to collect/gather more information. 

What Are the 4 Ps of Marketing?

When learning about the fundamentals of marketing, it is extremely rewarding to learn about what marketing brings to business and how it truly can help grow a company. A big implementation that helps with growing brands would be the 4 principles of marketing better known as the Marketing Mix. Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. First, product could refer to a service/tangible good that promotes/brings value. Price could refer to monetary value, time, and even attitude. Place refers to the place or location where the product is being distributed. For example, the number of retail stores in many locations globally. Lastly, promotion is the measure the brand takes to gain/attract customers to that product or service offered (e.g., sweepstakes, customer loyalty program, discounts, point system, etc.). 

What Are the Different Types of Marketing?

When it comes down to the type of product, service, or even company, there is always something unique about a brand that helps get the message across or tells the story. Marketing for a brand can come in many diverse types such as content marketing, brand marketing, keyword marketing, green marketing, etc. Content marketing is creating valuable content that attracts and engages your desired target audience. Content marketing can also help spread the true message that the brand is trying to put out for consumers to engage in. Brand marketing promotes a sense of brand awareness of the product or service. It also helps the brand attract the appropriate audience for that brand. Keyword marketing is using the appropriate keywords to also attract your desired target audience. In a way, this type of marketing is like Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This type of marketing can attract the right group of people to your brand. Green marketing is an effective use of marketing to help promote sustainability in packaging, materials used, and products. This area of marketing is being used by a lot of brands because a lot of brands are becoming socially aware of what the brand(s) put out into the environment and workplace.

To conclude, marketing is a term defined as seeking value in a product/service. It can also be seen as creating, promoting, and delivering value to customers and the community it operates in or growing in! Marketing is an essential need in the business industry that could help viewers understand the message that is being put out! I can honestly say becoming a marketing major has truly shaped my head space and perspective!

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