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What Are the Relationships/Similarities That Marketing and Graphic Design Have?

Marketing and Graphic Design are the ICONIC duo especially when the vision, concepts, and goals align!

Learn how the two career fields have some differences, a lot of similarities, and something to offer each other!

The marketing and graphic design worlds differ in some ways. The graphic designer aims to create original, clean, aesthetically pleasing art/graphics!

Marketers aim to serve content that really engages the target market and audience to convert that data to sales! However, when the vision is clear and spot on, both have a lot of similarities.

Concepts and Perception

It is important that both parties agree on the vision and missions laid out so that both parties can do what their jobs entail them to do! A lot of mind mapping will be needed to collaborate. There needs to be a lot of ideas going around to make the project/brand successful. Both parties must know the perspective to take the project on and make the brand/client happy!

Successful/Failed Campaigns

Marketers and Designers typically have these two options in common. For example, Marketers could launch a campaign that could potentially do the company great and bring them even more business which means more sales. However, the approach to the market may cause the campaign to go poorly. That does not mean they give up, they simply try to understand what went wrong, what could have been done better, what methods/precautions should be taken, etc.!

As for graphic designers, they could be working with a potential client for a big launch event. The project they are working on is a logo, but the client is a bit meticulous and quite pushy about the content. When the client receives the content, he/she is not pleased with the work that was presented. However, being a graphic designer depending on your policies, some offer revisions to fix whatever the client does not like or at least to the best of their ability!

Marketers and Designers must have a real sense of work ethic, strong personalities, and inclusivity! Either way, the job gets done when the feedback is implemented and into the work to make a grand turnaround!


The two career paths have this truly in common. Marketers need feedback to see how to proceed with the campaign, results, analysis, research, etc. It truly helps weed out what works for the company/brand/project!

Designers need critiques to help them become better artists which can also help them understand the company/brand vision, goals, and mission. This helps the designer work more efficiently to present momentous results about the product so that the client is happy and now the designer is happy!


To conclude, marketing and graphic design have a lot of interests especially when it comes to the business side of things, collaborating with clients/brands to execute a strategy/goal, mapping out concepts and perspective viewpoints, knowing the role that both parties play a part in, lastly knowing that both are a successful duo that can help generate engagement/traffic to the client/brand!

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