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  • Caprice Robertson

Tween take over

A lot of beauty shoppers have noticed a rise in tweens in their local Sephora and Ulta stores. The iconic beauty stores are known for carrying beauty and hair products from many different brands with a range of high to low prices. What does Sephora need to do next to solve the rising issues of tween destroying the store and potentially their skin? 

The increased presence of the youth in Sephora starts with social media and the content they are consuming. The popular content among Gen-Alpha includes get ready with me videos and store shopping hauls where the creators show the products they use when getting ready.  Due to them taking in so much of this content through social media and YouTube videos, it is natural that they want to be like what they see. This is the driving factor for youth in these beauty stores. They go in and pick up everything that they've seen their favorite influencer use. Not knowing what's in it and how it would affect their growing skin. 

Not only is Gen Alpha potentially harming their growing skin with products that are not meant for their age demographic such as retinals and harsh acids. They are completely wrecking the stores by wasting tester products to make "smoothies", which is a mixture of all of the tester products on display. Drunk Elephant has been the main target for the ”smoothies” as that is one of the popular brands seen in the videos. And in a more recent event a group of possible tweens went in and  used tester make up to do blackface. Glow Recipe and Rare Beauty are also among the brands that have been affected by the smoothie trend and tween craze.  

There have been a few great options for what Sephora can do to enhance the shopping experience of Gen Alpha. One temporary option is to remove the testers until the trend passes, or allowing the kids in the store to be supervised, and implementing a code of conduct in the store.  One more option is giving the youth their own section in the store where they can have a store associate lead them around and show proper suggestions. But what if Sephora launched a completely separate store specifically targeted to youth ages 10-13 .  

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