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Top Five Best Social Media Platforms for News

Besides local or national news, almost everyone, who has a touch screen phone, will go to a certain application to look at what’s trending on the news. Not only you can find trending news on the news app, but you can find news through social media, too! Social media is now the new source of news. Local and national news have their own social media page and users will scan through it. Where do you get your news from on social media? Here are the top five best social media platforms for news:

5. Reddit

- Reddit is a social news application that allows users on this app to debate and vote on content that other users have presented. Reddit is not really known like that, but users say that this application has great news sources.

4. Instagram

- Instagram is an online photo-sharing network, which is owned by Facebook. Instagram almost surpasses Twitter as the news source for news. Young adults between 18-24 are making their own news.


-Twitter is one of the reliable sources for news, although Instagram is about to surpass them. Most journalists say that they get their news from Twitter. Twitter is usually the best app when it comes down to live-tweet sports.

2. YouTube

- Although most users get on YouTube watch videos, this app has reliable news information. YouTube’s news posts up-to-date coverage on recent top stories, such as sports, politics, celebrities, and so on. Usually, the breaking news stories will be on the home page, with the link to the actual stories.

1. Facebook

- Facebook has been the number one platform when it comes down to news. According to, only 68% of Americans use the Facebook site, but 36% get their news from it. Most users see some news on their Facebook wall/timeline, but all of the news will be under the news feed.

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