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  • Kelle Isabel

TikTok: The Overnight Success Factor

Have you ever wondered what it must feel like to go 0 to 100? The thrill, the rush, sitting on the edge of exclusivity? 

Well for many TikTokers, this has become the reality for the masses…

Setting trends and asking questions later

Countless times we see content creators, what seems to be overnight, blow up from just a single video. Long ago were the days of spending countless hours behind the camera trying to create the “It” factor. Sometimes all it takes is a surge in searches and “viola” you’ve struck a literal gold mine.

From rags to riches

There used to be a time when content creation only consisted of a specific theme and was marketed to a certain niche. Now you can market any and everything to everyone. With the help of algorithms that continuously learn its users likes and dislikes, your content can be viewed by millions. NerdWallet lists 7 ways to get paid from TikTok including:

If the spotlight and fame was ever your dream, the time is now.

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