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  • Cameron King

The New Era of Youtube

The new era of Youtube is a fascinating one. It ushers in a new style of editing that when compared to the older style of videos, it can come off more fast paced in your face video. 

This also could correlate with the attention span issues that sprouted up recently with the Covid quarantine. As individuals needed videos that would hold their attention longer, Youtubers were forced to add heavier effects and into a different style of editing, this led to certain Youtubers falling back and no longer being able to keep up while some were able to excel in this new fashion.         

For instance the biggest Youtuber on the platform at the moment, Mr.Beast. His style of editing in his videos is consistently doing something and finding a new way to keep you interested. Ranging from the subtitles in the videos or the transitions all the way to what is actually happening in the video. There is something happening every moment that is trying to keep your attention and a fast and steady pace throughout. 

If you were to compare this to an older Youtuber’s videos, those are more down to earth and slower paced. This new era is neither a bad thing nor a good thing. There have also been recent statements saying a dislike for this new sort of editing. 

As this editing seems to be more popular with the younger audience, it matches their rate of attention, the older audience seem to appreciate a video that can take its time to explain its point and get its story across. No matter which video style you prefer though everyone has their own niche of video they enjoy

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