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The Gen-Z Effect on Social Media Marketing

The rise of social media marketing has led to what one may call the “Gen-Z Effect”, and the way companies market to the younger generations has been changing.

An example of this is the Duolingo TikTok account which currently has a following of 7.7 million. What makes this brand stand out so much is the way that it uses a humorous approach to the way they advertise. They did a popular relationship trend with the Empire State Building or a break-up trend shaming their “ex” the Empire State Building when they broke up.

This led to a promotion of both accounts and also made the audience want to follow both brands. Another example would be them making jokes such as telling people to do their Duolingo today and then responding to comments such as “I did my Duo today, please let my family go” with threatening emojis.

This example of Gen-Z marketing is run by a 24-year-old girl named Zaria Parvez who is the brainpower behind this incredibly popular account.

Another account that tends to take a more humorous approach that is popular with Gen-Z is the National Parks Service (NPS) which originally went viral on Twitter and has 1.2 million followers. This account gained popularity while being run by a 40-year-old man named Matthew Turner. Turner's approach to the NPS social media utilizes humor for a wide array of audiences as well as evolving with the younger generations. An example of the type of popular posts from the NPS is a picture of a bear with the caption “current relationship status: caught dinner for two. Ate both” which is followed by information about bears and their hibernation status. This funny but informative format catches the attention of users without just having a heavy chunk of informative text.

These two accounts go to show that brands are now having to rely more on relatable, realistic marketing on social media rather than heavily edited brand partnerships or ads on TV. Gen-Z customers have proven that they would rather follow a brand that is relatable, creating the Gen-Z effect.

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