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  • Tim Vissia

Streaming Service Shuts Down After Only 6 Months

What is Quibi?

Quibi is a streaming service that is mostly focused on the mobile aspect of streaming. They had a large number of unique shows that were advertised as “movie-quality shows designed for your phone”. 

Quibi plan

Quibi offered two prices for their services, either with ads which was $4.99 a month, or ad-free which was $7.99 a month. They wanted to focus on mobile devices and deliver unique shows to customers’ phones. 

What Happened to Quibi?

Several things were going against the new streaming services way. It’s hard to compete in today’s world of streaming services against giants like Netflix or Amazon. Also, there is plenty of free services that provide similar content like TikTok and Youtube. A report was released that Quibi lost over 90% of subscribers in July. There was also a huge mismanagement of money and time. Quibi had a large amount of funding but still ending up failing. After only 6 months it is already shutting down.

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