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  • Taiya Hill

Social Media: A Gift or Curse?

The Gift:

In this modern society. Human beings naturally desire connection, understanding, and social engagement. Social Media platforms have become more of a virtual; reality hangout spot. playgrounds, where we bond with family, friends, and colleagues, while also seeking entertainment and we can all agree Social Media can be a positive influence on our society if used construtively. 

Playing Devil’s Advocate….What are the vices in regards to Social Media ?

Mark Zuckerbug, the CEO of the MetaVerse, envisioned a world where we all connect through a click of a button. Can we honestly claim that social media has not impacted our mental well-being and overall sense of self because of this? 

It seems as though we're all inhabitants of a virtual realm, living our lives 24/7. For some, the constant allure of social media leads to insomnia, with individuals scrolling restlessly through their feeds all night long, effectively extending the day to a baffling "25/8." 

While it's unlikely that Mark Zuckerberg intended to create such a negative digital habitat, the reality is that it's becoming a breeding ground for detrimental behaviors, akin to the Devil’s playground.

The Curse: 

A sobering incident shed light on the darker side of social media. On January 31, Forbes Breaking News covered the Senate Judiciary Committee sit-in featuring Mark Zuckerberg and families who had tragically lost their loved ones. According to the committee's findings, in 2013, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NICKMECH) received approximately 1,380 cyber tips per day. A decade later, this number skyrocketed to 100,000 reports daily. Shockingly, 22,000 children fell victim to exploitation by pedophiles and predators lurking on social media platforms, with over a dozen resorting to suicide. These statistics paint a grim picture, prompting us to question the true cost of our digital connectivity.

Was Mark Zuckerburg  insensitive or did he not find the lives lost important enough to raise concern?

Compounding the issue is the legal shield provided to tech giants like Mark Zuckerberg, preventing families from seeking recourse for their losses under "safety protection laws." Despite claims of implementing safety measures, Zuckerberg's approach seems callous and detached. His assertion that there's no conclusive evidence linking social media to the demise of our youth reeks of indifference to the plight of affected families. 

Moreover, allegations surfaced regarding Instagram's recommendation systems facilitating connections between pedophiles and underage users. Is Zuckerberg inadvertently enabling sex trafficking through his algorithms? His evasive responses during questioning and lack of remorse toward grieving families only fuel speculation.

Even prominent figures like Charles Barkley, renowned basketball player, choose to eschew social media presence to shield themselves from negativity and folly. This begs the question: Is social media more of a bane than a boon? Does it foster negativity and unhappiness?

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