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  • Caprice Robertson

Ressa Tessa Terror Turned Glory! How social media storytelling can change your life and grow you from gloomy to glorious.

Since the pandemic, TikTok has completely changed society and the amount of information people share on the internet. Lots of people take to social media to discuss things that happen in their lives. And oftentimes people post these videos knowing there is someone out there who can relate.  But on the other hand, some posts help  spread awareness about events, places, and people. 

Recently on Tik Tok a creator by the name of “Ressa Tessa” went viral for revealing her love life in a 50-part series. She goes into a detailed story about the relationship she had with her husband.  Revealing all of the pain he caused her with false promises of buying a new house, car, and a trip. The series also told us that her husband lied about everything; his family relationships, his money, phone calls, his job, etc. Needless to say, their relationship ended in a divorce. 

But what could Ressa Tessa have gained from this? While she didn't have much to lose besides a few followers she gained everyone's attention. Since her series ended she has had on-air interviews with Good Morning America and The Tamron Hall Show. She also gained the attention of BMW on two different occasions but she has yet to receive her BMW. 

This type of scenario is more common now than it has ever been. Where a person takes to the internet to talk about something that’s going on in their life, and they are acknowledged for it. For example, recently, a young woman went viral for freezing her eggs at 25 and she got a spot on the Today show. Another example is the woman who got a free new car from Stanley after she took to TikTok to show that her cup still had ice after her car fire.

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