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  • Jeremy Jackson

Public Relations and Restaurants

A successful restaurant is made from quality food and good service. What comes to mind when you hear restaurant? Is it a expensive fining dining establishment or maybe it’s that ma and pa shop down the street with the tattered seats. We know they both serve food but these places share one common thing. They were creations of someone hard work and dedication; they both have a story to tell. Every successful restaurant has a story that should be told in more ways than one but without a proper marketing strategy this story can never be realize. Hiring a good PR firm can help your restaurant go from just a vacancy to a full house were memories are shared and most importantly made. Here are some PR strategies that can benefit you and your restaurant.

First we have to understand the story of the place to run an effective PR campaign. Once we encapsulate that vision made by the owner we take it to social media. This is where most of the action happens. Social media is a powerful tool that’s when use correctly can change your life and is known as the PR “secret weapon.” We can use social media sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, and more importantly Tiktok to give a business a substantial boost in traffic. Our job is a PR agent is to ensure that the narrative or your restraint as well as goals are being flushed out to were all of the masses can digest and understand it. That alone makes your restraint more relatable to the average customer.

Another benefit of social media is using influencers to create a narrative for your establishment. An example would be Travis Scott and his Burger King endorsement. Burger King gave Travis his own burger and this drove fans of Travis to go try this “limited” (being the key word) value meal. In this narrative Travis is being use to influence a younger base that Burger King is still cool. A local example would be Rendezvous. The story of Rendezvous is one from humble beginnings starting with a man name Charlie Vergos. The narrative that’s painted goes into detail about how Vergos started his restaurant in 1948 by accidently finding a coal chute in his basement. This narrative is use to appeal to the everyday man and giving them the idea that hey this could happen to you. Since then Rendezvous has had amazing guest such as Barack Obama and Justin Timberlake. These name along, (even though they weren’t hire as a legit spokes) person bring in customers. These examples are the results of a good PR run.

Finally create better content instead of running expensive ads. The more emotion that is shown in the restaurants the more the audience resonates with that place. Let’s think about McDonalds commercials. The breakfast commercials in particular. The first thing they appeal to is your morning routine rather it involves getting the kids ready for school, eating after a morning jog, or grabbing a bite before heading to the office; they want to appeal to you. They’re letting you know no matter how busy you are we fit into your morning and we can make it easier with our quick service. Some of the commercials don’t even mention price because they want you to know it’s about you more than the money. Appealing to emotion is an excellent PR strategy.

In conclusion social media and quality content is used to grow restaurants effectively through a PR campaign. So rather you have a adult bar or a wholesome family established there is a story to tell and there are always people looking for new experiences, so hire an agent to tell the story you wan the world to know. What’s your favorite restaurant and why? Let’s us know in the comments.

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