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Principles of Neurodiversity in Digital Marketing

What is Neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is a school of thought that until recently has been cast into the shadows, chalked up to being overly progressive hearsay until scientific studies backed claims that we all think differently. Sometimes class, upbringing, race, gender, age, and other demographics play a part in how our minds work, and some of us have predetermined mental characteristics which make us unique in our own ways. Some of the most common cases of extreme neurodivergent minds would be the autistic and dyslexic communities.

Neurodivergent Art:

Different areas of art appeal to different neurodivergent minds and art forms like sound art, literature, graphic design, video art, and storytelling are impactful forms of expression that allow individuals to show their thoughts that are harder to express. Typically neurodivergent minds have some amount of difficulty expressing thoughts in certain social settings but thrive when given an artistic avenue to utilize. Their artwork often has one big idea with numerous underlying ideas hidden within, almost like easter eggs for those willing to give enough time, thought, or observation to the artwork.

How To Remain Inclusive?

Because we know that neurodivergent minds use art as a primary form of expression quite often, we can normalize the idea of allowing people to express their minds so long as they do so constructively in the workplace, classroom or other organized event space. Autoethnographic studies have shown that digital brands appeal best to groups with minds similar to their marketers. Allowing neurodiversity helps avoid conformity and gives brands an identity of understanding, awareness and acceptance. This can be done most easily by polling or employing different groups that are often marginalized due to their neurodivergence and allowing them to share in marketing decisions such as commercial direction, billboard production, and small scale graphic design. Marketers are tasked with catching the eyes of any and every person they can with their advertising tactics. Focusing on the neurodivergent opens new avenues for potential business partners that are otherwise excluded.

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