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  • Krystal Calvin

Positive Relationships and First Impressions

You never have a second chance to make a first impression, and nine times out of ten that very first impression is going to stick. Not to say that general impressions will not be made over time, but corporations know that first impressions and positive relationships are our core values for building successful business strategies. Communication, trust, and respect are three of the most powerful forms of building relationships that are valued, beneficial, and worth maintaining.

Positive relationships help corporations to gain more loyal customers, build higher revenue, and gain more profitability. Over the years of growth in technology the main communication channels of people have been through social media platforms. 

Word travels fast on social media platforms. One negative consumer review can begin an onset of other people expressing their negative experiences as well. People will write about and discuss negative things before they write or discuss positive things. Sad to say social media makes it easier to speak our minds and communicate with other people and businesses around the world. 

It is important for corporations to build positive relationships on social media platforms and use social media platforms to their advantage as a line of communication with their world of consumers. All brands build their reputations from the relationships they experience with their customers through quality service and social media engagement. Responding to followers is prominent. Customers enjoy when businesses reply to their comments and share user generated content. This helps the customer to feel valued and connected with the company or organization.

How Corporations can Maintain Positive Social Media Appearances

Corporations typically have a team of qualified media relations professionals to manage their social media platforms. To maintain a positive appearance companies, need to be mindful of the type of content they create and post. 

Producing posts and content that connects with the primary audiences is a way to foster and build lasting connections. Here are a couple of tips businesses can begin with to help maintain their social platforms.

  • Produce content relevant to the organization.

  • Monitor social media trends and stay up to date with media evolution.

  • Stay engaged with your audience.

  • Share success stories (audiences enjoy seeing real life relatable experiences).

Creating positive media strategies can help to increase awareness of a brand, promote that brand's content, and keep up with the competition. Media strategies can also aid in researching your market. 

Remember that social media usage by corporations and small organizations will reach a wide number of different audiences. How a company chooses for their brand to be represented can determine the success of building positive relationships with multiple audiences on social media platforms.

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