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  • Emily Winegarden

Planning the Perfect Disco Themed Party with Pinterest

Every season is party season and there is always a reason to celebrate! Whether you are planning a Mother’s Day bash, or a Galentines get together, party planning is exciting. However, this stress of hosting an excellent get together can be daunting.

In honor of Spring break coming up for college kids all around the nation, Pinterest is here to help you plan the perfect party. And what better way to celebrate, and let loose, than with a fun and funky Disco themed night.

To start off, you will want to download the pinterest app onto your phone. You never know party inspiration will strike! Having the mobile app allows you to add and adjust your disco party plans at all times. 

To begin your planning, go to the Pinterest home page and press the ‘plus’ button down at the bottom of the screen. This will pop up a mini menu and you will want to press the ‘Board’ option. When the board creation page appears, name your collection Disco Party! Followed by the appropriate amount of sparkly, disco emojis, of course. 

After you have created a base board, the fun can begin. Go into Pinterest’s search section and type out ‘Disco Party’. A number of sparkly, fun images will show with a variety of disco aesthetics to choose from. 

Find which pictures align with your party’s aesthetic and click on them. You’ll want to press the ‘save’ button underneath your chosen image. Then, select your previously made ‘Disco Party’ board, and add it to your inspiration collection.

Once you have gotten the hang of things, feel free to search and deep dive into your perfect party ideas. Outfits, themed food, decorations, games, and music ideas are all great search options to expand upon your event’s personality and aesthetic. 

Pinterest is here to help you dance the night away. Plan your perfect party today, download the Pinterest app today.

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