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  • Emily Winegarden

Parisians take to TikTok to protest the 2024 Paris Olympics

The 2024 Paris Olympics are making waves and headlines across the internet as billions of people prepare to watch the world’s greatest athletes. However, the citizens of Paris are protesting the games and encouraging viewers to avoid the city at all costs. 

A quick search of ‘2024 Olympics’, or ‘Paris Olympics’, on TikTok will show a majority of two results: Endorsed Advertisements promoting the Games, or Parisians vehemently opposing the event. Two such Parisians are TikTokers Leo Nora and Miranda Banana. These concerned content creators are taking to social media to showcase the reality of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

In their now viral videos, both women explain the harm and dangers that the upcoming Games promote. While Paris is a popular tourist destination, many believe the city is not capable of handling a surplus of 16+ Million visitors. Paris’ public transport system is underfunded and its subway system is outdated. Along with these traveling issues, many are outraged due to the French Government allegedly kicking its homeless population out of the city, in preparation for the Games. Miranda Banana also claimed the government is currently “kicking students out of housing to make room for tourists”.

On top of these concerns, the French Government has received intense criticism for its destruction of the Teahupo’o Reef in Haiti. As Haiti is a French-Polynesian colony, it was decided that the Olympic Surfing events would be held upon its beaches. However, the construction of an aluminum judging tower has led to considerable damage to the local reef. Outraged Parisians, Haitians, and considered watchers have taken to social media to document the Teahupo’o Reef’s dismantling. 

As it stands, there are no official announcements from the French Government to address these concerns, and the Olympic Games are still on track for this Summer. Despite this, political and environmental activists are still using their voices across TikTok to raise awareness. Follow activists like Miranda Banana and Leo Nora to stay up-to-date on the latest civilian news and controversies surrounding the 2024 Paris Olympics.

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