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Mean Girls 2024: A Musical Surprise

Few movies can capture the essence of high school quite like the 2004 cult classic, “Mean Girls”. Inspired by Rosalind Water’s 2002 book, “Queen Bees and Wannabees”, “Mean Girls” was written by Tina Fey and starred Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, and Amanda Seyfried. The film instantly became a cult classic with its cute fashion, funny catchphrases, and the popular Burn Book. 

Fast forward to 2024, fans were treated to a new musical rendition of the movie, based on the Broadway adaptation of “Mean Girls”. However, the musical part missed a lot of fans and left them confused. You can’t really blame them though.

Paramount’s global marketing and distribution President, Marc Weinstock, told Variety that musical marketing can turn the majority of an audience away. Because of this, they purposely tried to show as little of the musical as possible.

As people finally discovered that it was a musical, social media was divided. On one hand, you have people who knew about the musical from being fans of the Broadway version. On the other, most people were just hoping for a reunion of the actresses that starred in the original movie.

However, there were a lot of signs hidden in plain sight. One big hint that was missed was the musical note in the letter ‘A’ on the poster. Not only that, but Weinstock also told Variety, “Our first teaser was Reneé Rapp to the camera singing ‘My name is Regina George.’” 

Luckily, the surprise didn’t stop it from becoming a success. Mean Girls: The musical opened at the box office with $28M, more than the original movie made in its opening weekend! Despite being a surprise, many people on social media have found the movie to be a fun fresh take of Gen Z’s Mean Girls. 

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Anson Kan
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