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Managing Challenges of COVID-19 Mask Mandate in the Deaf Community

During this pandemic, have you thought about the plight of mask mandates on the deaf community? Especially, how those who rely heavily on lip reading are managing in the face covered society.

Ever wonder how the deaf community is managing communication amongst each other with the mask mandates. It was recommended by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, and often times required by businesses, that masks should be worn at all times to prevent the spread of Covid-19. While masks serve as a barrier to the spread of the Covid-19, they’ve also become barriers when communicating within the deaf community.

Today, let’s explore the variety of masks we can wear to make the lives of deaf community easier when it comes to communicating.

Luckily, with masks becoming a new fashion trend, there are so many unique masks

available to us. Wearing a disposable communicator mask will allow those who are hearing impaired be able to see your lips and be able to process communication much faster. You can purchase these masks on Amazon For $21.98.

Another popular mask we can wear is the Anti Fog Clear Window mask. For only $9.99 you can purchase this masks that allows hearing impaired individuals to look right at your lips much like the one above for lip reading. However, this mask offers an anti-fogging feature which will ensure that your mask remains clear when communicating.

Lastly, we can resort to purchasing a clear shield face mask. This face mask is pretty awesome because it allows you to see more than just a person’s lips to read, it allows hearing impaired individuals to rely on facial expressions as a form of communication.

Please, comment and share your experiences with wearing transparent masks. Have they helped you be able to communicate with someone who is hard of hearing? Have you yourself been able to communicate more effectively with those who aren’t hearing impaired?

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