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  • Jessie Wymore

Instagram v. Reality: How celebrities use social media to craft their image

In the world of social media, Instagram serves as the stage where celebrities meticulously craft their image for the world to see. Every post, no matter how casual it may seem, pushes an idea of who the celebrities are and what their lives are like onto their followers.

Each celebrity has their own approach to how they lead others to perceive them through their social media use, some strategies creating better connections with the audience than others.

Crafting the Perfect Image

Kylie Jenner, a social media powerhouse, is a perfect example of how celebrities use social media to portray a picture-perfect life. From luxurious vacations to glamorous fashion choices, her feed radiates an air of unattainability. 

However, through all the glitz and glamor, fans have been quick to notice that with her posts she is perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards, noticing that the version of herself she’s presenting on social media looks different than the Kylie Jenner they see in paparazzi pictures. 

This realization creates a disconnect between her and her audience.

Authenticity Advocates

While some celebrities aim to make their life look perfect on social media, others advocate for authenticity, showing the good and the bad. 

One prime example is Chrissy Tiegan, who is applauded by her followers for her openness with her struggles – parenting struggles, mental health battles, and the downsides of being a celebrity. Her posts remind us that at the end of the day, everyone has things they’re going through.

Sharing all the highs and lows of her life fosters strong connections with her audience because followers who are going through the same thing or something similar will be able to relate and feel less alone. 

On social media, celebrities paint their lives, with some going for the perfect, glossy finish and others throwing in a bit of realism. It's important to try to notice the difference between the polished picture-perfect and authentic while you’re scrolling through social media.

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