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  • Summer Spencer

If You Tolerate Racism, Delete Uber

Uber’s most recent marketing campaign was released on the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” Speech. The message is clear: “If you tolerate racism, delete Uber.”

(Photo Creds: Ad Age)

The company partnered with Wieden+Kennedy, a Portland based agency, to deliver a campaign across social media, in-app notifications, emails, and billboards in 13 selected cities. A detailed blog post on their website includes several long-term commitments on how they plan to help racial injustices within their company, communities, drivers and riders. These commitments include ridding their platform of racism, fighting racism with technology, and sustaining equity and belonging for all. 

(Photo Creds Ad Age)

“As a company that powers movement, our goal is to ensure that everyone can move freely and safely,” the company states on the site. “To do that, we must fight racism and be a champion for equity—both inside and outside our company.”

Keeping these statements and commitments in mind, the company still faces backlash from the workers who power their business, as well as media critics. Some saw the campaign as “opportunistic” while the company currently deals with investigations involving unfair labor practices and allowing price discremenation in predominantly non-white neighbordhoods. Direct, strong messages for campaigns typically cause controversy, however the best practice for Uber would be to hold true to their commitments to the black community, ultimately driving their company in a better direction. 

Tell us what you think about Uber’s campaign! Give us your thoughts in the comments below. 

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