• Mackenzie Grannan

How Virtual and Hybrid Events Will Continue to Impact Businesses

Before the coronavirus outbreak, hybrid and virtual events were very uncommon. This was occasionally offered as an option for long-distance meetings, and even some schools provided this option. For the most part, people preferred to attend events in-person.

Now, people have found a way to navigate these events from home. The pandemic has taught us how to adapt to being away from our offices and classrooms.

With this drastic change, it is imperative for businesses to make the most of it. It is no doubt that virtual and hybrid events are the new normal.

To reach a certain attendance rate when planning an event, having a hybrid option is a must. This helps those who wish to be there participate.

This option has also been a great way for parents to take care of their families and work at the same time.

Some circumstances that make virtual options desirable include less risk of being exposed to the coronavirus, less transportation and the lack of scheduling conflicts. For example, many students utilize the option of online classes to be able to work and attend class simultaneously.

There are also many platforms, such as Zoom and Slack, that allow people to interact and converse outside of the classroom or office. With the ability to hold mass meetings virtually, this will continue to be a great method of communication.

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