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How to use Social Media to Freelance

Freelancing can be daunting to some as there are many things some have to accomplish to start their business. Freelancing can be confusing and intimidating who need help knowing where to start.

While there are many guides on freelancing, I will show you how to use social media for marketing you and your brand to potential clients.

Develop Your Brand

Social media should be used to reflect your brand. Every platform is unique and serves its purpose for different types of freelancing.


Twitter is great for sharing your portfolio and connecting with professionals and potential clients. For individuals that have more written content, such as blogs and articles. Twitter is also a great place to post and share your work.


Facebook is more of a platform for connecting with like-minded professionals and creators. Search and join groups that have similar interests to yours.


LinkedIn is your best friend. The platform showcases your work, resume and can connect you with others.

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for growing your network and finding potential clients. Engage with your connections and pitch your brand on LinkedIn. Similar to Facebook, join groups relevant to your skills.

For written content, LinkedIn allows users to publish articles on the platform. Use this to set yourself apart and share what you know.


Instagram is vital for posting visual work. Share any content you have created for yourself or others. Try to stay consistent in what you share and develop your theme.

It is essential to stay consistent and communicate your brand to anyone who may want your services. It will take work, but use the various platforms to make life easier.

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