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How to Make Effective Graphics on Canva

There are multiple ways in creating a successful graphic on Canva so that your designs are both visually pleasing to the eye and the ability to express your message. This blog will lead you in the right direction of what to do with your graphics so that they are both effective and appealing.  

Specify Your Goal

Make sure you know exactly what you want your graphic to be before you begin designing. Understanding your goal can help you make accurate design choices whether it be for social media, presentations or marketing. Choosing the visual elements that will help you reach your goals and effectively deliver your messages. Choosing colors, fonts, images, and any other design items

Focus on Font 

Select styles that go well with your design and are simple to read. Multiple fonts, such as serif, sans-serif, and decorative fonts, are available on Canva. You can tweak fonts on Canva by changing features like color, size, and spacing.Consistency in the choice of fonts is important when creating materials for a project or brand. For an overall effect, use only one or two fonts in the entire design. 

Adding Elements

To improve and add interest to your design, include visual components like pictures, forms, and icons. You can quickly and easily add a variety of customized elements to your graphics using Canva. Canva offers tools that make it simple to arrange and set up images on your canvas. You have the option to use Canva's large collection of stock pictures and graphics or upload your own photos. Choose pictures that complement the visual looks of your design and go well with it.

Adjust for Platforms

When designing graphics for social media or any other platforms, you must consider the exact dimensions for it. Canva allows for it to become simple when creating graphics for different platforms with measurements already set for a variety of platforms. Just the right size and format of your design helps against the blur quality of your design. Try several fonts on your design before committing to the final version to see how they work together. Sometimes a font that appears great alone may not work in the same way as it will in other designs. 

Keeping it Simple

Don’t overcrowd your designs with elements. Maintaining a clean layout makes your message stand out more. Making use of the white space to improve clarity and visual appeal to the eye. Too many elements crammed into a design can overwhelm and weaken the message you’re attempting to make. The fonts and elements in the design must align with one another and balance throughout the entire design so that the layout doesn’t overpower. 

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