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How to Improve Your LinkedIn in Using TikTok

Tiktok has grown into a platform with videos for almost anything you can think of. There are creators out there posting how-to’s and giving reviews in addition to the other typical entertainment videos you might think about when picturing TikTok.

One thing that surprised me when I stumbled upon it on my fyp, for you page for those unfamiliar, was a critique of a LinkedIn profile. I thought it was super helpful and favorited it so I could come back to it when I was planning on updating my own profile.

Well, the time came for me to spruce my profile up and as I went searching for that video I saw originally, I found a ton of other great videos with critiques and tips for LinkedIn. From there I started crafting my profile solely from information I got from these short, to the point, videos and I can show you some of the most helpful!

Here’s a 10-part series on how to improve your LinkedIn profile done by Rob Cancilla who is a self-appointed “career sidekick”

This series was super helpful for starting from the basics of my profile and building it up with the tips and tricks he mentions to something that not only looks good, but could also help me discover my future employer or vice versa.

Here’s some more quick and helpful tips:

Getting More Connections - Template:

Profile Picture Creation Tutorial:

Tips and Templates For Getting Referrals for Your Dream Job:

I found these videos super helpful and if you have any questions about these videos or want to search for more, they’re super easy to find once you know they exist, just type in LinkedIn or LinkedIn Tips into the Tiktok search and you should find a multitude of videos to choose from. Leave your best LinkedIn tip below!

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