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How live Streaming Can help with your business growth.

Live streaming has recently become a new way for people and brands to connect with their target audience. With major platforms and new live-streaming services in app stores, many companies and influencers have created a space to talk to their publics. In this post, you will learn about how you can use this new way of communicating with your target audience, and customers.

Use live streaming to your advantage: You do the live streaming!

Many young adults and teens use streaming as a form of entertainment. Why not use this to your advantage? If you have a product or service that could be used by many of the younger ages, why not give streaming your product a shot? Here is a list of some apps your company could stream to reach this audience.

  1. Instagram - with Instagram you are able to “go live” on this app and notifications will be sent out to many of your followers if they have your notification turned on.

  2. Youtube - if your company has videos and a following on this app, being live could boost your views on many videos and would allow you to have a space to talk to your customer

  3. Facebook - this one might seem a little outdated but many people still use this app. Facebook also will give your followers a notification to allow them to view your live.

  4. Twitch - this is a new platform for many people and some might not have heard about it, but this live streaming app is very big and full of different target audiences that are niche to a specific topic.

With these apps, you can use streaming or the live futures to display your products, get feedback from followers, talk to followers and much more.

Sponsor Stream: Pay to reach!

If you and your company do not feel the need to live stream yourself, having a content creator or an influencer can help your company as well. Being a sponsor of a stream could help your company's brand awareness spread to a new audience of people. Many times companies would sponsor just an hour of a stream or even the whole stream. You can sponsor a specific streamer if they have the target audience you would like to reach or you can go for one of the top streamers on the platform of your choice if you would like overall brand awareness. You would find that many of the top streamers are on Twitch and Youtube.

Concussion: Industry growth!

Overall with streaming becoming a growing industry, your business could get a lot out of finding a way to break into this business. It is expected that this industry to grow by $2.6 billion in 2026. So while the train is still hot, hop on to see if live streaming could help with your business growth. If you haven’t already check out to see what all the hype is about for live streaming.

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