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How has Social Media Changed PR?

The truth is social media has drastically grown and allowed many opportunities in the digital market. Have you ever thought about how this sudden impact has changed the evolution of PR? Let’s explore a few ways that social media has progressed public relations.

Social Media has allowed PR directors to reach a wider audience

Before social media was widely popular, many businesses and organizations relied on magazines, new broadcasting and press releases. Now, businesses are able to reach their target audience through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and so much more. This allows more advertising and more success in the business.

Social Media can help during a crisis

When a crisis happens, PR directors must move quickly. The reputation of a business can be tarnished within minutes. Releasing a statement on Twitter is a great way to do damage control. People and consumers quickly go to a company’s social media page once a negative story has embarked.

A brand is able to know what consumers think

Without social media, brands were in control with the latest trends and persuading people on what to think. Now that social media is heavily influencing, brands are able to take criticism and use it to their advantage. Brands can read reviews and comments on the latest information and how to better their craft. This allows companies to make consumers happy and give better business. It is a great form of social media marketing.

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