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Everything You Need to Know About Greenwashing and The Harm It Does.

What is Greenwashing?

Greenwashing is a type of advertising or marketing tactic that companies use to persuade the public that their products and practices are environmentally friendly when they are not. Companies that intentionally use greenwashing often do so to distance themselves from their unsustainable practices or those of their suppliers.  

Greenwashing can mislead consumers about the true environmental impact of products and services. This can lead to consumers unintendedly making choices that are harmful to the environment and can also make it difficult for consumers to identify and support businesses that are truly committed to sustainability.

Greenwashing Hurts the Brands That Use It.

Customers are now more aware of greenwashing more than ever and are devoted to researching the products they are buying. Because of this, if a company is greenwashing and gets called out on social media, it can cause detrimental harm to the brand image.

An example of this would be in 2015 when Volkswagen was caught cheating on emissions tests for its diesel vehicles. This scandal caused outrage from their consumers and led to a quick decline in their sales. 

Greenwashing Is Hurting the Environment

The use of greenwashing can also have several environmental impacts. When consumers are misled about the environmental impact of products, they may be more likely to make choices that are harmful to the environment. A consumer who believes that a company is committed to sustainability will likely want to support that company, but if they are using greenwashing, then the customer is causing more harm than good. 

Ways To Spot Greenwashing

If greenwashing is something you are concerned about, here are some tips on how to spot it. 

  • Companies using vague language in their claims.

  • Making claims about their eco footprint without providing evidence.

  • Highlighting all the positive environmental benefits while ignoring the negative ones. 

  • Do lots of research.

Greenwashing is a problem that is only going to get worse as more companies try to profit from the growing demand for sustainable products. Being aware of the problem and staying educated is one way we can ensure that we are making informed choices about our purchases that are good for the environment.

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