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Drake vs Kanye, Let Social Media Decide Who Won

Drake vs Kanye, Drizzy vs Yeezus, Certified Lover Boy vs Donda, OVO vs Good Music. It’s bigger than rap because it’s bigger than that. Both of these artists have become bigger than rap, they are pop culture icons. Drake and Kanye West have had a storied friendship that turned into a rivalry.

These two mega artists have dominated social media over the past couple of months leading up to their albums releasing. Kanye had pop-up concerts all over the United States.

The concerts were made fun of as rituals or cult-like gatherings. Drake put up billboards in the hometown of the guest features he had on his album. Sports franchises on social media would use this concept to promote athletes. Drake posted snippets on his Instagram of songs that were sneak dissing Kanye West.

Their feud would escalate from here. Kanye West responded by leaking Drake’s home address in Toronto in an Instagram post, which was later deleted. Their posts towards each other were entertaining, but it was the fans on social media that made this part of the feud entertaining.

People bashed Drake and Kanye’s choices for album covers. Kim Kardashian went viral because she posted a screenshot of a song off of Donda with the volume turned down. She then posted a picture of a song off of Certified Lover Boy and it had the volume up. People on Twitter joked that Kim did not like her husband’s album enough to listen to it. DJ Akademiks streamed on twitch doing a song vs song from the albums.

If you want to read more of the responses from social media, you can click this link. Social media loves a good feud. Do you like Donda or Certified Lover Boy? Let us know down in the comment section below.

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