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  • Dania Fant

Branding Do’s and Don’ts Part 1: The Don’ts

Whether you’re doing personal branding or branding for a small business, there are rules to follow. Some of these rules are unspoken and some are big ‘NO-NO’s that we know will get us shamed in the branding community.

  1. Don’t use glitter in your logo and branding.

When thinking of your brand colors and how you want to design your logo, make sure

you choose colors that are easy to see on different backgrounds. You also want your

branding to look professional. Glitter is not a color, it is a texture. Also remember, less is


2. Don’t cheat! Be original.

I know all the templates you see on Canva and Spark Post are really pretty and also

tempting. Don’t fall for the trap! Only use those templates as motivation and direction for

your own brand.

3. Don’t get crazy with the fonts.

When choosing a font, there’s a lot of options to choose from. There are Handwriting

fonts, Sans Serif fonts, Old Style fonts and many more. When it comes to branding, the

font can make or break the branding. Choose legible fonts, no more than two, that

make sense for your brand. Do your research and take your time! I love this album but,

did the tracklist need four different fonts?

If you need more branding tips, check out this blog!

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