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  • Hannah Harrison

Rated M For Men Only

The Pink Tax has been a hot topic of conversation lately and with good reason. Products marketed towards women are typically hiked up in pricing just because the packaging appears more feminine. However, these products exclusively exclude men even though the product would work just the same. In order not to make men feel left out, brands have decided to market some of their products as “For Men Only.” Let’s take a look at some of the most ridiculous products catered towards men.

1. Hand Sanitizer


(Photo Creds: Amazon)

This “Mr. Mom” PocketBac hand sanitizer is clearly not for women. This hand sanitizer is far too manly, considering the name. PocketBac’s message to fathers was fairly clear: you can use this hand sanitizer and still feel masculine while doing it.

2. Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper upset many people in their campaign for Dr. Pepper Ten. It was advertised as being “not for women” and being a drink only men could consume. This left women wondering if something was in the beverage that could be harmful to them or if Dr. Pepper is just being sexist but it seems as though we all know the answer.

3.Kleenex Mansize

When Kleenex launched their “Mansize” tissues, it was apparent they wanted men to feel comfortable using them. This form of marketing implies that ordinary tissues must be too small and delicate for the average man to use. Men are sure to feel better about themselves the next time they reach for Kleenex Mansize to aid their runny nose.

4. Toothpaste

Colgate extended their toothpaste products by releasing a toothpaste that catered towards men. Their Max White toothpaste was labeled “for men” as if women have different dental needs than men do. This tweet went viral on Twitter due to the ridiculousness behind the entire marketing strategy and women united together to protect the integrity of their teeth.

5. Hairties

(Photo creds: Amazon)

Last but not least, men have created their own hair ties to keep their man buns in place. One pack of these man bun ties consist of 12 ties for $5.99. Men may feel more confident rocking a man bun tie but they would be better off getting a pack of 37 Goody hair ties for $4.79. However, it is up to the men to decide if they are comfortable pushing the boundaries of hair accessories that far.

Overall, companies may specifically market their products towards men to reaffirm their masculinity. Men may feel uncomfortable purchasing normal tissues and regular Dr. Pepper so these companies have their backs. Sometimes men like to be reminded just how macho and manly they think they really are. Be sure to share on Twitter and let us know your thoughts about the marketing of these products! @Meeman901

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