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  • Cynthia Castor

Are Dad Joke Commercials Effective?

Do You Like Cheesy Commercials?

Wait, what is a cheesy commercial? Well, have you seen those commercials that ask you questions you can’t answer because then you’d be talking to a TV screen such as the Stuffies commercial? That is one example that comes to mind when I think of cheesy.

There are also those ads that may not attempt to be cheesy, but only make us cringe and question their delivery, like the Life Call commercial but the question is: Do they work?

What I mean by “do they work?” is, are they more successful than other ads? Do they become more memorable hence more appealing to a consumer? Even if the commercial may not be appealing, does it drive the customer to think about the product more? And what exactly is the goal here for the advertisers?

For me at least, when I hear a catchy tune such as the JG Wentworth jingle, I recall it better than any other financial services. It becomes catchy, but ultimately I am not their target audience, but it makes me recall that brand.

According to the internet gurus from Buzzfeed, jingles and “minor predicaments” can lead to parodies. By creating parodies people recreate ideas, which is one of the characteristics of virality. By making things go viral, you spread awareness.And then by spreading awareness it ultimately reaches one of the purposes of advertisers, which is to reach the target audience, and in this case a little bit more.

So do outrageous, non-traditional, and creative forms of advertising, become more successful? I think in a way they are the ones we recall the most, like people who remember the Pizza Hut Pie Tops. But in many situations, we remember the commercial but not the product. These ads emphasize and repeat their name so much we have no choice but to have those ringing jingles stuck in our heads. And when you have that stuck in your head, if ever the minor inconvenience comes up, that cheesy commercial product may be the first to pop in your head.

Do you think cheesy ads work or are too far outstretched to make an appeal? Comment below to let us know what you think.

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