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Hershey’s gives kisses for Valentine’s Day

When people think about Valentine’s Day, the first things that pop into their heads: kisses, chocolates and roses. Let’s be honest though. All we really care about is the chocolate. Hershey knows this and has been giving it to us for years in tiny, delicious, chocolate kisses.

The majority of people, if asked, would tell you that when they think of Valentine's Day they automatically think of Hershey Kisses. It is one of the top-selling packaged candy in America. In 2014 it was ranked the second most popular candy. It has stayed iconic with its signature style

Hershey’s motto is:

“Simple Ingredients. Delicious Taste.”

This iconic brand is associated with many if not most holidays. It has been able to stay current because of its catchy advertisements on television, the candy’s name, unique shape and its design and packaging. Hershey has known since 1962 that packaging affects the sales of their products. Around each holiday the color of the foil and packaging on the Hershey Kisses changes to match the holiday seasons. This marketing idea still has an impact today.

The company keeps the candy relevant and reminds consumers that Kisses are perfect for any holiday season. For the month of Valentine’s Day, it changed the packaging color to pink and white. This year it also changed the packaging design by adding Xs and Os for hugs and kisses. Hershey had the kisses represent the Os.

Hershey Kisses has it made for Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t have to add any romantic slogans, because it already has ‘kisses’ in its name. This makes the candy not only delicious, but constantly romantic. In its 2018 Valentine’s Day commercial Hershey focuses on the romance between two Hershey Kisses, kissing.

Although their commercials are catchy and memorable, they are lacking in the social media department. They need to have a greater presence on Twitter. Hershey could take a lesson from Wendy’s, who has a huge presence on social media. Whereas Wendy’s presence on Twitter is funny and sarcastic, Hershey Kisses should be funny, sweet and homey. Bringing people back to why they love Hershey Kisses so much.

Even with all the success, Kisses still keeps evolving by adding a variety of flavored fillings that range from almond and dark chocolate to caramel. I hope that it continues to grow its flavors, because you can never have enough kisses in your life.

What do you think about Hershey Kisses? Do you love how they play on holidays or do you find it to be overdone? Comment down below.

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