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Twitter Vs. X: Is rebranding an effective strategy?

Since it hit the web, Twitter has been one of the most popular social media platforms among users.

The limited word count partnered with free speech took the world by storm in its early days and gained lots of popularity starting all the way back in 2007.

Twitter became one of the best companies to look at for branding — they broke the internet with the 140-character limit, became the leader of all things light blue, and had one of the cutest logos of all time featuring the tweeting bird.

So why would they need to change?

Brands must constantly evolve with the times. It’s no secret that a company can go underwater when the digital clock runs out and moves to the next thing. But in Twitter’s case, trying to change may be more destructive than beneficial.

On Jul. 23, 2023, billions of Twitter users discovered that their beloved app had completely changed to become “X.”

With the change in management, Twitter has been in the headlines for months because of new CEO Elon Musk.

Musk didn’t just bring a rebrand to the company - he brought controversy.

Since stepping through the doors, Musk has implemented change after change for the media company.

The loyalty of Twitter fans is lost because it is no longer the platform they fell in love with.

As “X” enters the chat, fans are leaving. X does not hold the same branding power that Twitter once had. Twitter was innovative, fresh and different. But X is dying and unresponsive.

It is no longer a platform for the people.

This poses a question for brands all over, can a rebrand be pulled off? Or all we all doomed for the fait that X has displayed?

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