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  • Kendall Jones

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift: A Power Couple Despite the Haters

This football season, Travis Kelce and pop icon Taylor Swift have blossomed into a new relationship and have formed an alliance against the haters. Despite the differences in their careers, they have both faced criticism and negativity, but they are rising above and supporting each other through it all. 

Why the hate?

It is not uncommon for celebrities like Swift and Kelce to receive hate comments, but some football fans have taken it very seriously.  It has turned into a full social media argument between the Swifties and NFL fans. “She is just going to write a break up song about him,” and “I don't care to see Taylor Swift on camera, I want to watch football,” are some of the comments being made about Taylor Swift. 

Along with winning three Super Bowls, Travis Kelce has also won over some hearts of the Swiftie’s. With all the hateful comments and negativity, Kelce has vocally condemned the double standards that Swift has endured. He advocates for her and cheers her on amidst the hate. 

The Swifties Take a Turn

On a more positive note, the Swiftie’s are living for the Taylor and Travis content, and love watching her support her boyfriend at the games. In addition, when Taylor was on tour, Travis would be seen at shows singing along, and did not get dragged in the media for supporting her. 

Hater’s Gonna Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate

Altogether, the bond between Kelce and Swift exemplifies strength and compassion. The love they share can be an example to us all, and inspire others to be supportive,understanding, and unified. 

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